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The courtyard lights are made up of those parts
The invention of lighting tools has changed our lives. Once we had many nights where we couldn’t see the five fingers, we needed to face the darkness, but now we can have the light anytime and anywhere, all of which are proud of the invention of lighting tools, garden lights It is a typical representative of outdoor lighting tools. Most of the lamps sold in the market are concentrated below six meters. Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce the components of it, and understand which parts it is composed of. This is more conducive to us to purchase, but also to identify what issues to pay attention to during the purchase process. A garden light is mainly composed of the following parts. The first one is the light source, the light source is the source of the light, and the light fixture, the light pole, the flange and the basic embedded part constitute the most important part of the light fixture. In any of these five parts, the luminaire has no way to play its role in lighting. Therefore, when purchasing a luminaire, it is first necessary to judge whether it has integrity. The integrity is the basic requirement of a qualified luminaire. Incomplete luminaires cannot. Those that are put into use are inferior products, and each manufacturer may produce unqualified products. However, we must select manufacturers with higher qualification rates, so as to ensure that most of the purchased products are qualified.

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