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Brief introduction of garden lights---Yangzhou Platinum Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
Many people heard the first reaction of the garden light. It may be that the one used in the yard is the light of the whole yard, but it is not. It is just a part of this one. In fact, it has many kinds. A lot of things, generally we say that it is used for lighting, below 6m, are within this range. When we buy these things in a company like Platinum Lighting, there will be relevant answers to you, let you know, there will be no lights that you say you want to buy a garden, and then someone gives you a Look at the discovery that there is also the kind of street, and then you are very angry. 
The courtyard light is just one of his names, because many of them are used in the yard, but it does not mean that he only has this purpose. You are like many sidewalks on the road now, and there are some scenic spots, their roadsides, and the squares, all of which use such lights. Because the kind of streetlight we used before is the kind of wall to be installed, you have to choose a place, and then it is more occupied. Many people are walking on the road, watching a light hanging from the top of their head, and they will feel what to do if it falls. But with this, it will look better, it not only looks like decorative, but also has practical functions. When you don't shine like during the day, we can see that the whole design is very beautiful, completely similar to the roadside decoration, looks good. Different designs will have different effects, such as modern ones and retro ones. At night, they light up and let us see clearly. 
In fact, the garden lights are like the above, according to different styles, there are different classifications, we can pick what you like when you buy.

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