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How to choose solar garden lights

In the process of purchasing lamps, we need to grasp its purchasing standards. Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce the purchasing standards of solar garden lights for the majority of consumers and friends. First of all, we must choose lamps with reasonable light distribution. What is called matching? Sound is reasonable? The reason why the light distribution is reasonable is that the lamps we purchase must be suitable for the installation site. We need to consider the use requirements of its use place, as well as the space shape requirements for installing the lamps. Different space specifications need to use different lamps. For example, when installing a luminaire in a relatively large space, we need to choose a luminaire with a relatively strong lighting function. In a relatively small space, no large illuminating equipment is needed. This is a relative concept and needs to be combined with the actual situation. Specific choices.

Secondly, we have to choose a more efficient solar garden light. The efficiency is relative to inefficiency. Select the most suitable luminaire to meet the needs of lighting. Do not buy luminaires that exceed the brightness of visual visibility. It is not only A waste of resources, and from the point of view of digital statistics, if the choice is not appropriate, its efficiency will be reduced. Finally, we have to choose a reasonably priced product. What is its price? We must understand before buying, and don't buy products that are clearly available at a lower price.

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