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What kind of lamp is the garden light?

Legend has it that before the advent of the world, there was chaos between the heavens and the earth, and there were no glory in the world. Until the heavens and the earth appeared, the light came one after another. Although this is only a legend, the legendary light has always been what people are pursuing. It has never changed since ancient times. From the past diamond fires, kerosene lamps, candles to the world's first table lamp, people do not know how long it has been explored. Edison was called a great person because he invented the electric light through his own exploration and brought people to the light. After that, the lights were used in a variety of places, and wherever there is illumination, there is a place for it. There are all kinds of lights in life, and garden lights are one of them.

The garden lamp, as its name suggests, is the lamp placed in the courtyard. It is basically the same as the street lamp, but the height is lower than that of the street lamp. It is mainly used for lighting in small areas such as communities, parks and squares. In fact, this can also be imagined. The illumination area of street lamps is relatively large. The traffic of vehicles and crowds of people need street lighting. In this case, the height is certain. If it is too low, the illumination range will be small. Great for large areas of lighting. In places like communities, parks, and plazas, there are not as many people and streets as there are roads and streets. If you place a lamp with too high a height, it is a little overkill and not worthwhile.

In summary, garden lights and street lights have their own scope of application, so it depends on the situation.

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