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Solar garden lights use to find a good range
Some people only see that the solar garden light itself can be photoelectrically converted. I feel that it can save a lot of electricity bills, and where can I install it at will? This is actually a blind practice. The use of solar garden lights is also to find a good range of adaptation, in order to show its advantages.                Some people also saw the three words of the garden lamp, thinking that it can only be used in the courtyard, but it is not. Why is it called a solar garden light? What is the reason? It is because the solar garden lights are generally suitable for gardens, parks, and some relatively small areas of the illuminating, but for the roads with more traffic, the solar gardens are generally not used, because the illumination range of the solar garden lights is not It's very big, it has to be installed a lot on the road, and the cost is higher. In this case, the device does not have a good range of applications for solar garden lights. Also, in view of the relatively small power of solar garden lights, the roads in remote mountainous areas are not as long as the city, and can generally be put into use. In addition, the remote mountain areas have sufficient daylight and daylight, which saves the cost of electricity. The use of such a solar garden light has found a good scope of application, which highlights its energy-saving value. How can I say that the use of solar garden lights is good for use? That is to choose the right place. It is definitely not possible to use the indoor lighting, there is no need to install solar garden lights in these places, the device can only be viewed as an ornament and has no use value, but compared with its place and price, The decorative value is far less than the sum of the two. For example, if you install such lighting in a shopping mall or hotel, it doesn't seem to have much effect. It is better to install a more suitable lighting.

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