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The uniqueness of the Chinese lanterns in all aspects of the use
When we mention the Chinese lantern, the first thing to mention is the source of its name. Why do other lamps indicate their characteristics in the name, such as the name of the lamp with the name of the landscape, indicating their The performance that can be enjoyed by people is greatly enhanced.
If the name carries the word "energy-saving", it means that the outstanding feature of this kind of lamp is that it can save a part of the power resources. The advantage in this respect is very attractive, such as some common advertisements, especially It is to promote some short films of air conditioners. They are mentioned in their promotional videos. This product is put into production after being professionally designed in terms of saving electricity. In fact, for every people, energy-saving is It is a very attractive advantage, making it easier for people to choose this type of goods, but the name of the Chinese lantern does not reflect its advantages.
Of course, there will be a term such as solar energy in the name of the lamp. It is easy to imagine that the light energy emitted by this kind of lamp is very focused on its brightness, and we all know the sun. The light emitted is one of the most natural, without any harm, there is no light source problem that is harmful to people. People can put down all doubts and any wariness, and use this comparison with confidence. Natural sun-type lamps, the names of these lamps are all learned, covering the characteristics of some lamps or special advantages, but the Chinese lanterns are very monotonous, its name Some of the Chinese characters seem to have no meaning.

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