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High pole light range
Many magical inventions in life bring great convenience and fun to people's lives. Each invention also has its existence value. Many people like the night view of a city, neon flashes, and the city is often beautiful at night. This flashing neon is a magical presence, and the neon's predecessor is the light. We know that the world's the first light bulb was invented by Edison. Before that, people used lighting to make kerosene lamps, candles, etc. After the invention of electric lights, the lighting industry began to rise and it has been very popular. Mainly because people's lives are inseparable from the light. The high pole light is a kind of light that has risen since then.
High pole lights, as the name implies, are relatively high lights. When talking about high, everyone may understand his usefulness. The ancients said that "it can be seen far away if you stand tall." This is also true for lights. Because the pole is relatively high, it is widely used in places such as viaducts. Vehicle travel is inseparable from lighting, especially at night. The viaduct is generally long, and because of its special structure, it needs to bear a lot of gravity, so the bridge is often fixed with a lot of steel bars, so the whole structure looks very high. At this time, more adequate lighting is needed, and the high pole light has a relatively long distance and range because of the relatively high pole, which is especially suitable for buildings like the viaduct.

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