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More of our life will find the existence of high pole lights, its usual height is more than 15 meters, and the lighting radius reaches 60 meters, and the lighting effect is quite prominent, so in some city squares, stations, docks, highways, More applications for stadiums and overpasses, so what are the configurations and types of high pole lights?
First, the configuration
The configuration of the high pole lamp is usually an octagonal, twelve-sided or eighteen-sided pyramidal rod body, the general height is between 25-40, and the performance is mainly frame structure, the material is mainly steel pipe or steel pass, and The lifting system is electric and consists of a motor, a winch, and a wire rope. There is a guiding unloading system consisting of a guiding wheel and a guiding arm, and a lighting system consisting of a halogen lamp to realize real-time computer operation and a lightning rod lightning protection system.
Second, the type
With the continuous increase of products, the types are also constantly enriched. There are two types of lifts and non-lifting models in the current market. Lifting high-bar lights are divided into manual and electric. Under normal circumstances, the lift type is more It is convenient and efficient, and its safety performance is outstanding.
In real life, we must carefully purchase if we need to choose. From our actual situation, we choose the more suitable products from the configuration and type of high pole lights. The most expensive ones are not the most expensive, not necessarily the best. The bigger the brand is, the more we need it, the best material is the most reasonable, only the more time-sensitive, efficient, and safe is the best, the core meets our actual needs.
The configuration and type of high pole lights provide us with more choices for choosing better products, which is also the guarantee for us to enjoy the more advanced technology products and the level of service.


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