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What kind of street lamp is it?

At the moment, people who have never seen a street lamp may already be few and far between. Every small town or township may have already set up street lights. But people who have not seen it know something about it. Here is a brief explanation of what the streetlights are like.
Street lights come in different forms, but the most common, the most practical feature is the lighting. Therefore, the streetlights generally set on the side of the road are white, and the earlier styles maybe orange. This may be an incandescent lamp. The incandescent lamp is earlier. Inside it is tungsten wire. When the current passes through the tungsten wire, the electric energy is converted into light energy and heat energy. But we use street lights mainly to use light energy, which is a kind of loss. The LED lamp that was later invented solved this problem, it is a cold light. As the name suggests, cold light has no heat, and energy is fully utilized. Another advantage of cold light is that the intensity of the light is relatively large, and the brightness is more suitable for use.
In addition to the function of lighting, street lamps also have the purpose of decorative beautification, so there are various street lights of various shapes and appearances. Many are the shapes of flowers, small animals, and others, all of them are chic, some are elegant and simple, some are lively and lovely.
With the advancement of technology, solar street lights have emerged. This kind of street light combines modernity and may not have much room for appearance. It requires a solar panel and a light pattern next to it. In use, it gets rid of the drawbacks of requiring a lot of power. The use of solar energy, but also reduce the loss is a multi-product. Equipping such a street lamp in the city can show the city's environmental protection concept. The street lamp itself is already a good environmentally friendly advertisement. So in many cities, solar street lights have been used extensively. --The article originated from Yangzhou Platinum Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

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