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Is the light pole inside the solar street light an advantage in wind resistance?

Everyone should know that there are many important parts of solar street light. Some important parts play a special role, and each part has its advantages. If it is played, it can resist such an appliance. In the process of using a lot of problems, and then have a longer life, and then work more smoothly, and people do not have to worry too much.
So, what are the advantages of the light pole inside the solar street light when it is resistant to the wind? For such a problem, many people are very concerned about it. After all, such a tool is still very important to resist some relatively large winds in the process of establishing. First of all, the panel inside such a tool should have a certain angle of inclination, so that such a tool can have some special effects when it is built, and most of the poles should be about five meters in height. If it is too high, it is easy to break. In some bad weather, it is easy to have security problems.
When the solar street light is designed accordingly, the width of some relatively good welds will be selected for the light pole, which is about four millimeters, and the radius below is about 168 millimeters so that it can be calculated according to the corresponding formula. It makes sense to design the maximum wind speed that such a tool can resist, but the safety aspect can have a very good guarantee. Therefore, such a tool is still very advantageous when it is used to resist wind, and it has better resistance than ordinary street lamps. The article originated from Yangzhou Platinum Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
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