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LED street lights need to pay attention to when designing

LED street lights are a tool we often see in our lives because it plays a role in better lighting when we do some work or activities at night, so we design such a tool. People will improve some of the details in the inside, the purpose is to hope that such a tool can help people better, but also open a better place for their sales in the market.
What do you need to pay attention to when designing LED street lights? For such a problem, people can understand from the following three aspects, of course, you can also consult some people who are developing this kind of product, and he can put forward some places for people to pay attention to. First of all, such a tool should pay attention to the role of protection when designing. If the quality is very good, it should be higher than 67. If the quality is medium, it should not be lower than 66. If the quality is slightly worse if the quality is slightly worse. It can't be lower than 65. Therefore, when people are testing in this aspect, they should pay attention to the level inside.
LED street lights are also very concerned about the average lifespan. Such a tool should work for more than 30,000 hours so that people can recover the cost and create more benefits. Finally, such a tool, there are temperature limitations, for example, when the tool is working, the maximum temperature should not be higher than 58 degrees, otherwise, there may be safety problems, I believe this Not one thing people want to see. The article originated from Yangzhou Platinum Lighting Technology Co., Ltd...
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