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The use of solar streetlights has been particularly widespread in recent years. It differs from ordinary streetlights in that it uses solar energy and is not affected by the power supply system. Even if there is a large-scale power outage in the city, there is no need to worry about its lighting. And it is not necessary to ditch the buried line when it is built, because it does not need the supply of electric energy, as long as it is installed in a place with sufficient sunlight, even in rainy days. It is precise because of these advantages that it is very popular among street lamps, and is now in line with the state's promotion of energy-saving, environmentally friendly products, so solar street lights are known as green environmentally friendly products.
In public places such as communities and parks, most of the lights have been replaced with solar street lights. In some areas where traffic is not well developed and population density is relatively small, the power supply is difficult. Solar energy sources are abundant in these areas. If you want to solve the lighting problems in these areas, you can consider installing solar street lights. And a solar street light investment is also very small, the most important material it needs is crystalline silicon, mainly used to power the battery of solar street lights.
Nowadays, solar street lamps can be intelligently charged and discharged. During the day, solar street lamps can absorb the energy of sunlight under the operation of the controller and convert this energy into electrical energy that can be used for illumination. In the evening, the lights can be turned on by the controller to illuminate the road. Because of the solar power supply and light-sensitive control, the street lamp has obvious advantages in stability and longevity, and it is also very convenient to maintain. It does not need to involve a current system. And in the process of use, there is no need to pay for the power supply. The article originated from Yangzhou Platinum Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
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