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What are the applicable places for LED street lamps?

LED street lights do not have too many restrictions for their use. Because it is the same as ordinary street lamps, it is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and its brightness is no less than the common nano-light. And its power consumption is much smaller than ordinary street lights. If you analyze it from one aspect, you can use LED street lights as the first choice for street lights. LED street lamps use semiconductor materials as the main lighting tool, have a high color rendering index, and have a low light loss during illumination. Nowadays, urban lighting generally advocates energy conservation and environmental protection. As a standard for environmentally-friendly street lamps, LED street lamps have gradually entered everyone's life.
And we often find that some eye-protecting table lamps use LED materials, mainly because the light generated by the LED lights is less harmful to the eyes. It is not like other lights, it will make people feel glare, it's light It is quite soft. And the light effect is also very high, and there will be no significant waste of light energy during transmission. And the materials used to make LED street lamps are non-toxic and have a long life. Many screens now use LED materials. The street lamps used in some schools are LED street lights.
LED street lights now have a color rendering index of more than 75, and the high-pressure sodium lamp in the streetlights we see has a color rendering index of only 23. Although the color rendering index is high, it is not glaring, mainly because the light source is illuminated by diffuse reflection. Its light decay is also very small, less than 3% of the light decay in a year, even after 10 years of use, it can still meet our demand for road lighting. In contrast, the light decay of high-pressure sodium lamps can reach more than 30% in a year. The article originated from Yangzhou Platinum Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
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