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Can you use solar street lights in the cloudy days in winter?

It is said that the use of solar energy in our team is developing very fast now because in the past few years we have only started to use solar water heaters and other products, but now the solar energy products have appeared in our lives everywhere. Because our current society is a society that pays great attention to the protection of the environment, many natural disasters in the past have proved to us that the use of environmentally friendly energy such as solar energy is the way we must go. Now let's talk about solar energy for this product about solar streetlights.
Many people are telling us that solar energy is an energy source that is very environmentally friendly and does not cost us energy. We also want to use such environmentally friendly products, but we are all worried about solar street lights. Can I use it when there is a cloudy day in winter? The answer we want to make for everyone's question is that although the sun's dimension is very low in winter because the winter sunshine speed is very long, the street lamp is completely sufficient for these. Also, we are worried about the use of streetlights on cloudy days. Generally, short-term rainy weather will not affect its work. Because we know that this type of street light has a very powerful power storage structure, which means that when the weather is fine, the power will be stored, and the amount of electricity stored is generally enough for us to use for two or three days.
The recent time of solar streetlights has been accepted in many of our regions because the use of such environmentally friendly energy is not only because it does not destroy our environment, but also because it uses energy that does not consume solar energy that is not needed to be purchased.
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