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What is the basis for the price of street lamps?

We often say to ourselves that buying things is not afraid of buying expensive and we are afraid that we will lose. The reason for this is not to say that the price of this commodity is nothing, but that the price of this commodity is a measure of whether we have a loss. Here we will tell you about the price of the streetlight. Many people are very concerned about the price of this street lamp when they buy street lamps. Because the streetlights are very different from the small bulbs used in our homes, for example, our home bulbs are low-powered and everyone is in contact, so there is nothing to understand. But for streetlights, few people know its specific price.
The price fluctuations of street lamps are very different. Some street lamps may only cost a few dollars when they are sold, but some street lamps are twenty or thirty or even higher. The price factor here is determined by the material of the lamp's containment lamp and the power of the lamp. We certainly know that the airtightness or the better the material is the more expensive the price. But here we have to talk about the power of the lights and the problem of energy saving. Now we are all advocating the use of led energy-saving street lamps, but the price of this lamp itself is nearly double the height of ordinary lights, so many people are reluctant to use. This is a very unwise and not long-term idea because the energy-saving street lamp itself has a long life and can save a lot of electricity. We need to know that streetlights are used for long-term lighting, and the energy it saves is a big number.
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