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What are the factors affecting the price of solar street lamps?

The price of a commodity itself must be influenced by its various small factors. For example, if we buy a mobile phone, then we must consider whether the memory of the mobile phone itself is not big or the performance of the camera is good. These are our common items. Therefore, we all know how to judge the price when we buy it. But what are the factors affecting the price of solar street lamps we are talking about today, we certainly have not many people can say it. Now let's discuss the specific reasons for this problem together.
First of all, we say that the factors affecting the price of solar street lamps must first consider the size of the solar panels because we know that if the solar panels have a large area and strong power generation capacity, they can generate more energy in a shorter period. This factor will be an important point affecting its price. Another factor that the sea needs us to consider affecting its price is the average daily lighting time. If a street lighting time is five hours, then its price will be relatively low, because the lighting time is short. Then its power storage capacity will be poor, but if a street lighting time is seven hours or more, the price will be higher. All of the above are the reasons for affecting its price.
Also, we have to say that many objective factors are influencing the price of solar street lamps. For example, the price of their related products is different in places where there is nowhere to be available. In some places, the price will be low because of its proximity to the production site. However, the general price is around two thousand.
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