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What is the price of led street lamps?

Because of the promotion of society and its capital calculation, more and more villages or road teams are using led street lights for road lighting. The reason here is mainly because many people now know about these kinds of lights. The benefits and we will calculate the cost of these lights and energy. So now we are going to explain the topic of the led street light, which is more popular and more interesting, and the price fluctuation of these street lamps is based on what factors.
The reason why the Led street lamp itself can save energy is simply that it uses the construction principle of power generation different from our traditional one, because we don't need to consume too much power when lighting with street lamps, and for us, The pollution of the environment is very low. The price of this type of lamp is the same as the price of the incandescent lamp we bought in the past. That is, the higher the power, the higher the price of the lamp. For example, if we buy a street lamp with a power of three hundred watts, we are about It takes about 800 pieces (eight hundred pieces are limited to ordinary types of led street lights), and if we buy seventy to eighty watts of lamps, the price is roughly one thousand and five.
What we are talking about above is the general situation of the price of led street lamps based on power. The next thing we want to talk about is the relationship between its price and other factors. Generally, its price and other factors are mainly the warranty period. That is to say, if the warranty time of this lamp is relatively long, for example, if the price can be guaranteed for two or three years, the price will rise. Everyone heard that there might be a feeling that the price of the invoice is not cheap.
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