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What are the reasons for the popularity of LED lamp holders?

What are the reasons for the popularity of LED lamp holders?
Lamps have a wide range of uses in our daily lives. In recent years, LED lamp heads are the most popular lamps in the entire lighting industry, for the following reasons:
First, environmental performance is strong
The reason why it is more environmentally friendly than the previous light bulbs is that the main component of the past lamps is mercury vapor. Once the gas is broken, it will be released into the air. The pollution of the environment is relatively large, and it is completely absent. Will use silver, lead and other materials, relatively green.
Second, less heat dissipation
In the past, when the lamp was lit, it would emit a lot of heat, but it would convert the electric energy into light, reduce the loss of energy, and would not cause the color of clothes and ink characters to fade.
Third, no noise
The LED lamp head does not make a sound when it is lit, making it suitable for a variety of places that need to be quiet.
Fourth, relieve eye fatigue
I believe that many people have had this feeling, open a small desk lamp to write homework, not long after, I feel that the lights are always flashing, and the eyes are very easy to feel very tired. This is because the previous luminaire used AC power, and it uses DC power to avoid the stroboscopic phenomenon caused by AC, and it is not so easy to feel eye fatigue.
Five, will not produce ultraviolet rays
When I was a child, especially in the summer, when I turn on the lights at night, I will see mosquitoes in groups. That is because the previous lamps will generate ultraviolet rays when they are heated, and the LED lamps will not produce ultraviolet rays, so this will not happen.
Sixth, durable and long life
The traditional lamp is made of glass. The long-time will be bad. The excessive heat generated during use will also cause the glass to rupture. It uses resin and is much stronger than glass! Moreover, it consumes a lot less power than traditional lamps, and it can be used for up to 50,000 hours without frequent replacement.
I believe that LED lamp heads will be better and better in the future, and the best in energy-saving and environmental protection!



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