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Things to pay attention to when garden lights are purchased

Things to pay attention to when garden lights are purchased
The garden light is a frequently used outdoor lighting tool. Generally speaking, it refers to the lighting tool in the outdoor road within six meters, which is composed of five parts: the light source, the light fixture, the light pole, the flange, and the basic embedded part. Because of the diversity, aesthetics, and aesthetics of the garden lights, the garden lights are also known as landscape garden lights. Outdoor lighting work in residential areas, slow narrow lanes, tourist areas, parks, etc., has the characteristics of extending people's outdoor activities and protecting property safety. The following matters should be noted when purchasing garden lights.
First, according to the function of the lighting place and the shape of the space to determine the type of light distribution of the lamp, under the condition of satisfying the glare limitation, for the lighting device only for the visual function, the direct type light distribution lamp can be used, and Open tools are also available.
Second, it is necessary to select lamps with convenient installation and maintenance and low operating cost. The appearance of the lamps should be coordinated with the environment of the installation site. The characteristics of the light source and the requirements for building decoration should be considered.
Third, the lamps of the garden lights should effectively control the output of the upper hemisphere. Under the glare limitation and the light distribution requirements, the efficiency of the floodlights should be greater than 60%.
Garden lights are generally dusty. Therefore, you should pay attention to when cleaning. You can wipe them with a damp cloth, but the action should be kept in the same direction. Do not wipe them back and forth. The strength should be moderate. Be gentle when treating chandeliers and wall lamps. Always turn off the light when cleaning the interior of the lighting and the lamp, and remove the lamp separately when wiping. If cleaning directly on the luminaire, do not rotate the lamp head in a clockwise direction to avoid the lamp cap being tightened too tightly.


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