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How to choose landscape lighting solutions

How to choose landscape lighting solutions
The landscape lamp, also known as the decorative lighting, is an indispensable thing in today's social urbanization landscape construction, and the landscape lights are of various shapes and types, and the landscape lights are also very diverse. The brightness of the lights is also unique. In general, landscape lights are very artistic. There are several kinds of landscape lights. Generally, as a large-scale sightseeing landscape light, the height is about four to eight meters. It is a building. When the landscape lights are lit at night, it is another color, very atmospheric and solemn.
In general, excellent environmental lighting design must be able to analyze and grasp the nature of the environment very accurately, and the choice of the method and method of this lighting is also stricter. It requires that it must be integrated into the local environmental design to make the landscape Lighting planning can be part of the environmental design, and it also supports and interprets the artistic conception of the garden environment, thus enabling a face-to-face requirement that can help achieve the overall style of the environment.
Under different environmental requirements, the shape of the lamp in the lighting design and the choice of the light source are also different, but there is an overall requirement to ensure that the overall style of the selected lighting fixture and the environment in which it is installed is Consistent, to be harmonious, this has the talent to make the people who appreciate it comfortable.
Therefore, when choosing the lighting method of this landscape lamp, in addition to considering the problem of lighting at night, it is necessary to fully consider how to make the landscape lamp beautify and embellish the environment in which it is located during the day. Points must be considered at the same time.


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