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Why is it that solar street lights are our best choice?
When solar street lights appeared, many people felt that other kinds of lamps were very lacking in this respect. They were either on the exterior decoration, they spent a lot of craftsmanship, and they used a lot. Time, of course, is taking up a lot of labor, but it seems that even if the cost is really high, but they really do not contribute to the aspect of energy saving, not only that, it is because their design is very hard In place, so it is very likely, they will waste more resources on electricity, not only does not alleviate our concerns about energy, but the fact is that it has increased our pressure.
Therefore, for those manufacturers of other lamps that do not have solar street lamps and are designed for energy saving, the best choice for them is that it is better to learn more about the principle of manufacturing such lamps in terms of energy saving. Close to the energy-saving link, otherwise, whether they are early or late, they always can't escape to go out in this huge lighting market, because their existence seems to be not too big.
Perhaps many people are denying us. Although solar street lamps are very valuable in some of the more valuable energy-saving aspects, we are all very clear. Its ability in decoration is very weak. Therefore, the existence of other lamps does not allow us to despise, because without this non-practical, but very beautiful decorative lamps, our world will not naturally a few points pissed off.

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