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If you want a full set of LED solar street lights, what is the price?

Title: What is the price of a complete LED solar street light?

Text: One point for the price of goods, we all know in life that we buy things, good quality items must be higher than the average price, not all of them are high prices. What kind of quality determines what kind of price market. Take the clothes to compare, for example, the high quality brand of clothing, in terms of price is definitely more expensive than the average quality of the general spread of goods, this is the principle of buying and selling things. The principle of purchasing goods is also the same. The price market system of LED solar street lamps is also the same. According to the quality of customer demand, with the appropriate configuration and reasonable price. LED solar street lights generally range from 2000 to 10,000 yuan. Because there are many factors that can affect the price of a set of solar street lights. To see the LED light source controller, battery power, solar module components and the height of the pole, these conditions are favorable factors limiting price fluctuations. For example, the solar street light with a height of 5 meters is compared with the 6 meters. The same power LED light source, the same full intelligent controller and battery, only the height of the light pole is different, so the final price is definitely higher. It's a bit more expensive. This is the price market system of led solar street lights. There are different prices, because the quality of the components is not the same, it will lead to a variety of prices between 2000-10000. Purchasing principles for different component configurations and different prices are still selected according to the appropriate road structure, including the degree of illumination and the time of continuous brightness per day, so that you need to pay attention to the price. A solar street light.

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