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What is the price of solar LED street lamps?

What is the price of solar LED street lamps?

In recent years, solar LED street lamps have been favored by many friends as an effective energy-saving lighting tool, so the content of solar LED street lamps must be concerned by the majority of friends. What is the price of the solar LED street light? Here we give the answer.

It is important to know that the price of solar LED street lights is mostly related to its configuration. The main components of solar LED street lamps are: solar panels, Led light sources, light poles, controllers and some accessories. The main price of solar LED street lamps is also the sum of the prices of their main accessories. The price of the first four products accounts for more than 90% of the price of the whole solar LED street lamp . Generally speaking, the solar LED street lamp used for urban community and rural construction is mostly about 15w , and the pole is about 5m high. The time is about to hours. It can be used for to consecutive rainy days. The price of each solar LED street lamp is about 2,600 yuan, but sometimes it can be customized according to customer requirements. According to the customer's requirements, the parameter standards are different. There are also some differences in price. For example , solar LED street lights with different configurations but the same number . If a manufacturer sells you at a low price, you should be careful here. The configuration of this solar LED street light is generally low, and the lighting time is often used in later use. Less than customer demand or simply not bright, because compared to ordinary street lights, solar LEDThe price of street lamps is relatively expensive, and many manufacturers have seized the customer's psychology of seeking low prices, which ultimately led customers to suffer from the low-profile LED street lights they purchased .

The so-called one-point price, the quality of cheap solar led street lights is definitely not good, which requires us to recognize the configuration parameters of the product when purchasing, to reduce unnecessary trouble later.

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