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What is the price of Yunnan solar street lamp production?

A look at the price of Yunnan solar street light production

The price of solar street lamps is generally several hundred to several thousand, which is determined by different materials. And what is the price required to go to the south solar street lamp production? Generally, the price of a solar street light is mainly composed of its configuration, and the cost of labor costs will also affect its price. For example, the price of a solar street lamp in Yunnan is divided into 21W, 30W 36W, 48W and other lamps with higher power from the luminous power . These wattages will also affect its production price, because the wattage is more The better the materials needed, the higher the heat and temperature resistant materials. In general, the most important specific production needs are the price of solar cells, solar panels, and lamps that control the price at which they are produced.

For example, the lighting power is 21W , the battery is 80AH , the battery board is 85W , the intelligent solar controller, the pole is meters high, so the price of a set of solar energy production is about 1800 , and the power of 21W is 90AH. The battery, 100W battery board is also a meter high solar light such a set of Yunnan solar energy production price will need about 1900 yuan. There is also the same 21 watts of lighting power, 110AH battery, 100W battery board, the same is meters high, it needs about 2200 yuan, here is just a battery and battery board configuration is not the same as there is such a large production needs The price difference shows that the price that affects the production of solar street lamps is composed of many factors.

For example, the light pole that affects the production price of solar street lamps is also the optical power of 21W , the battery is 80AH , the battery board is 85W , and all are intelligent controllers. The price of the pole is meters high and the price is about 2,000 yuan. The same and the height of the pole is one meter higher, so the price is so obvious that its price is formed by the main configuration and the secondary configuration.

There are also light sources that can affect its price, such as sodium lamps, LED lights, etc.

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