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What are the components of solar streetlight prices?

What are the components of solar streetlight prices?

Although we have already known about solar street lamps, their scope of use has not yet been popularized. The main reason is that solar street lamps are a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly street lamps Solar street lamps are much more expensive than other street lamps. . Although we know that solar street lights have many advantages, they are stopped by users because of their high prices. However, there is a certain reason for the high price of the so-called one-dollar solar street lamp. The price is mainly determined by the price of its components. Let's take a look at the composition of the solar street lamp:

solar panels. As the core part and the most valuable part of solar street lamps, solar panels convert solar radiation into electrical energy or send them to storage in batteries to maintain solar street lights. The types of solar panels selected vary depending on the geographical climatic conditions. For example, in some places, the sunlight is relatively abundant, so most of us use polycrystalline silicon solar cells. These batteries are relatively simple to produce and the price is low. In the rainy days, the sun is not very abundant, we mostly use monocrystalline silicon solar cells. The battery performance parameters are relatively stable, but the price is more expensive than the polysilicon battery; there is also a case where we use amorphous silicon solar cells when the outdoor sunlight is insufficient, and such batteries have lower requirements for the sun's illumination conditions.

Controller. A good performance controller is essential for solar street lights. It extends the life of the battery and prevents the battery from being damaged due to overcharging or deep charging. In addition, the solar controller also has the function of street light control, which can control the street light according to the light and time.

Battery. The reason why the battery is equipped is because the input energy of the solar power system is extremely unstable.

 4 light source. Under what circumstances, which kind of light source is used is an important indicator of whether solar street lamps can be used normally. 

Light pole and luminaire housing. We determine the height of the pole based on road width, luminaire spacing, road illuminance standards, etc. The requirements for the lamp housing are not high.

The sum of the prices of the above five parts is the price of solar street lamps. Although it is more expensive than ordinary street lamps, it is more cost-effective to use them for a long time.

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