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What are the components of the price of solar street lamps?

What are the components of the price of solar street lamps?
Every item in our lives has its own price, and their prices are made up of multiple parts. There is a difference in the price of any item, and the composition of their prices will be different. The price of solar street lamps is also composed of many parts, and the components that make up them are also affected by some factors. There is also a certain difference between them. Therefore, different components Between, the price between them is different, and the lights are combined by them, then, for the lamp, it will be affected by the comprehensive effects of various types of such components, different types Between the lights, their components, their prices, there will be a lot of differences, there will be some differences. 
The components that make up the solar street light are very many. For example, the light pole of the lamp, this is a must. You can imagine that without this pole, even if there is a light source, then for some of your life, for everyone. Some productions will not have a great effect; at the same time, lamps and the like, light sources and the like are also necessary. Only with the corresponding lamps and corresponding light sources, will the lamps be Raising the light will provide some brightness, otherwise it will be meaningless. 
At the same time, for solar street lamps, their components also include other items, such as battery panels and batteries, which are used to absorb sunlight and provide some energy for the lamps; Or wires, these are very important parts of the lamp.
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