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Why is the price of solar street lamps high?

Why is the price of solar street lamps high?
With the development of urban planning projects, road construction and other activities, many departments now have a greater demand for street lamps. Among the many types of street lamps, the most popular ones should be said to be solar street lights. The reason why this kind of street lamp is the most popular in recent years is mainly because of the application of science and technology, so that everyone feels its energy-saving effect. Almost all departments that use solar street lamps praise it. But in fact, the price of solar street lights is not low, so why is it so low that everyone still loves it? 
In general, almost every manufacturer in the street lamp industry can produce solar street lights, and now its production is not small. In the traditional sense, if a product is produced on a large scale, then the price of its single item must not be too high. In fact, the price of solar street lamps has not gone down. Why is this? Careful friends will find that this is mainly because its production technology is more complicated and the raw materials needed are more expensive. After the solar street light is installed, basically no other power support is needed. During the day, the sun can be illuminated at night, which is very resource-saving. At the same time, it takes more technical cost to produce it. 
This is the main reason why solar street lamps are expensive. In fact, everyone does not have to worry about the price of it. Because in the long run, there is no need to supply power after installing this kind of street light, and basically it is not necessary to repair, so it is very economical in other aspects. In addition, its technology is constantly improving, and the price decline is also an inevitable event.
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