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Why are the prices of high pole lights different?

Why are the prices of high pole lights different?
A high pole light means a street light powered by crystalline silicon. Nowadays it is not common on the market, but there are still some people who choose to buy, so why do the prices of the same things have different prices? We all know that the same kind of thing affects the price because of the different manufacturers and various reasons, and this kind of new street lamp is also the same. Because this kind of street lamp's power generation method is different from other street lights, it is more energy-saving than ordinary ones, so it is sought after by many environmentalists, and the price will be more expensive than ordinary street lamps. However, due to the difference in quality and power of the high pole lights, the price of the street lamps will also vary. 
Some high pole lights are used in a small range, so the power required is not so large, the price is of course relatively less, and as for the need to use a large area, it should be more powerful to buy lighting. Of course, the root cause of their price differences is the life of the lamp. Generally, the relatively high lamp life is four to six years, and the price of the lamp for six to eight years is naturally higher. 
Of course, life is just one of the reasons for the price, there are a variety of reasons, such as the height of the pole. The difference in the height of the pole determines the difference in the amount of material, which of course affects the difference in cost. Their lighting time is also one of the important reasons for the price, because it is related to the composition of various circuits in the lamp body and the size of the solar cell. In short, the price of the high pole lamp is determined by various reasons, please At the time of purchase, choose the most suitable one for your needs.
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