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What kind of high pole light is the best light class

What kind of high pole light is the best light class
When we meet someone who asks us a question like this, for example, what kind of high pole lamp is the best, it can best meet people's needs in one aspect. At this time, we need to study the charm of this relatively high street lamp, so that it can be seen everywhere in people's lives, especially when we walk on the street and look up the street lights. This may be the kind of luminaire. 
First of all, we are very clear. The advantage of the high pole light is its height, because we all know that the higher the light, it means that the range of illumination will be large, because the data is a kind of Compared with the proportional relationship, the fact is that when we use this kind of luminaire as a street light, it really makes the illumination range of the street lamp greatly increased. It can illuminate the farther area and bring it to people. More light. 
So this has led to a situation where almost a lot of street lights are high pole lights, because the range of illumination is farther, so we don't have to distance each adjacent street light very close, we You can set the distance between them to be larger, so that you can save a lot of street lights. This is especially true when setting the street lights on high speed, because the speed is very high. Amazing numbers, so that the number of street lights saved will be more, this time someone will ask, because it is not because it is relatively high, it has a very long range, but will it appear The light to the ground is very weak. In fact, this issue has yet to be further studied.
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