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The role and working principle of the street light controller

There are many accessories for street lamps, and the street lamp controller is one of them. What are the function and working principles of the street lamp controller? At present, society is a device that advocates energy conservation. Therefore, LED street lamps are generally used. The street lamp controller has certain advantages. It is characterized by high reliability and has relatively small errors. Stability. This kind of controller has the effect of power-off preservation and does not need to replace the battery. It takes a long time to run and can reach more than ten years.
The street lamp controller mainly uses the dimension calculation method for the switching time, so the season is different, the control situation is different, and the street lamp controller can also select the number of roads. If the street light fails, the street light controller also has a reporting function. The main hardware component of a solar street light controller is a chip, and the other is an ordinary circuit board. The way to control it is mainly light control and time control. Solar street lights need to absorb sunlight, so there must be sensors in this device, which can be sensed by the intensity of ultraviolet light. If the light is dark, it can be turned on completely, and if the light is brighter and reaches the brightness requirement, it can be turned off. For light or light or dark, it does not have to be controlled automatically, or it can be controlled manually.
For solar street light controllers, time control is still used, but today's control is not often used, after all, it is inconvenient.
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