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Learn about the price of street lights from the configuration

The price of street lamps varies, including the price of ordinary street lamps, the price of LED street lamps, the price of solar street lamps, and the price of solar LED street lamps.
For example, a street lamp with the same 3 meters height is installed, and the price generated will be different because the price of different street lamps will be different. Generally, the price of ordinary street lamps is 3 meters high and the installation cost is about 200 yuan to 300 yuan. The price of an LED street lamp is about tens of yuan. It is nothing more than the configuration of street lamps.
However, if the price of installing a solar street light is very different, it may cost between 2,000 yuan and 3,000 yuan and the price of solar LED street light maybe about tens of yuan higher than the price of a solar street light. The price of an LED street light is worse. Look at the price gap of such a large street lamp and know that the price difference is in the configuration.
LED street lamps are more than normal light sources and LED high-power light sources. The solar street lamps are composed of solar panels and batteries, and intelligent controllers. More specifically, constant current, charge, and discharge, etc. The design is even higher, and the solar LED street light has a more LED street light configuration than the solar street light, so its price is higher. From the analysis and configuration here, it is not the price issue but the high and low price. The price of street lamps is divided into low, medium and high-grade prices.
In addition to the different production costs leading to the price of street lamps, the configuration is the most important factor affecting the price of street lamps. The higher the price of street lamps, the better the configuration...
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