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The main difference between high pole lights and ordinary street lights in the street

High-altitude street lights are essentially different from general street lights. One point is reflected in the height from the ground, and the design of the light waves is different, so it is different in production and installation. High-altitude street lamps usually refer to steel column-type light poles of more than 12 meters and are equipped with high-power assembled light fixtures. The new lighting equipment is made up of LED lamp heads, internal auxiliary electrical components, and basic parts. The lamp head shape of the street lamp can be determined according to specific requirements, road conditions, site environment, and road surface brightness. The interior lamps are mostly equipped with floodlights and floodlights. The illumination radius is up to 60 meters and the light source is NG 4. Hundreds of high-pressure sodium lamps far exceed the ordinary street lamps in terms of radiation, because it is a device tailored for high-speed, fast lanes and large squares. The poles of the street lamps are mostly cylindrical single-body compression structures and need to meet the level 8 in terms of earthquake resistance. Compared with general street lamps, the wind pressure and load requirements are more stringent. In the processing, the steel plate is rolled and welded with professional equipment. The height of the high pole lamp is 20-40 meters. The upper part is the difference in production.
High pole lights and ordinary street lights are also different in the difficulty of installation. The weight of the equipment, the installation tools and the use of components can be distinguished. The high pole lights must rely on large construction machinery and equipment, which is costly in terms of manpower and material resources during assembly. Although most of the work is done ahead of the ground, it is a lot more difficult to compare with ordinary street lamps, and the installation of ordinary street lamps will be much easier. The above is the essential difference between the two street lamps.
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