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What is the price of a regular LED street light?

There are many kinds of street lights that we watch on the street. The more practical and durable are the LED street lights and solar street lights. Some people will find that the price difference between LED street light and solar street light will be very large. Why? 
LED street lights are mostly used in scenic spots, forest gardens, squares, schools, etc. It is generally used to beautify the environment to decorate the space. The solar light is mainly light, it is the light that guides us home, and it is very practical. Of course, this is not to say that LED street lights have no use value, but its use value is not as high as that of solar street lamps. Solar street lamps may have certain advantages from the above practical aspects. But in our lives, LED street lights are more widely used. 
LED street light prices are also related to its use, and its shape is also varied. If we simply want to use it as a decoration, we only need to buy a lamp head, and the price as a floor lamp is quite cheap. Because it is a combination of a semiconductor crystal and a metal material, it can also be converted into several colors, with an effect of embellishment. 
The price of LED street lamps is calculated separately. It does not want the price of solar street lamps to be calculated together with the light poles. It has the advantage of separate calculations, that is, sometimes we do not need to use light poles or other equipment, so the comparison of sales methods Rationalization saves us an unnecessary expense. Not only that, but its function is better than the other two street lights. 
The price of LED street lamps is relatively favorable. Although it consumes electricity like other lamps, its power consumption is one tenth of that of ordinary lamps and its life span is relatively long. LED street lights are a great choice if you are using home lights and decorative attractions.
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