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How much does a led street light shell need? What are the specific styles?

LED street lamp cover is LED one street light fittings, because LED lights are the main price on the lamp, so like shell accessories such prices are not very high, the more common LED street lamp shell plastic case is fat, but also The lowest price of the outer casing, there is not too much choice in style and size, because it is a low-cost module production, so the price is cheap, depending on the size of the choice, the price varies from 100 to 300 yuan. In this style, there is some improvement. The back of the LED street lamp housing has a heat-dissipating function. This kind of casing is one of the most used casing styles. The price is about 100 yuan higher than the conventional casing . The price can reach 400 yuan.

In the higher specification, it is necessary to talk about the aluminum alloy type of heat-dissipating protective casing. The price of this kind of casing is relatively high. Depending on the model and size, the price varies between 600 and 1000 yuan, but in the heat dissipation angle and safety. In terms of angle, it is much better than the plastic casing, especially in cities with heavy rain and snow. This type of LED street lamp housing is very good in terms of safety and service life.

Of course, all that I have just mentioned are the shells of the pillar-type LED streetlights. In the LED streetlights, there are mainly pillar types and spotlight types. The type of spotlights is the most widely used LED streetlights in urban gardens and communities. The overall price is low, but the price is high in the LED street lamp housing. Because there is no column in the structure, the supporting structure and the protective structure are all played by the LED street lamp housing. This type of LED street lamp housing must use all metal. The outer casing must then have a heat dissipation structure and a frame protection structure, so the price of this type of LED street lamp housing is high, and the simplest style is also more than 1,000 yuan.

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