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What is the approximate price of LED lighting fixtures on the market?

The price of LED lighting fixtures has many related factors, among which the performance, the intensity of light and the life of the use will affect the price. However, according to the regular tested LED lighting, the price of high-quality industrial lighting LED lighting is on the market. Generally, it is maintained at around RMB 400 to RMB 1,000 . Of course, there are also some peripheral factors, such as the effect of design, the overall direction of the market, etc., which will also affect the market price. The most popular LED lighting sales in the market is the style of the living room. I am here to take a more common simple three-color remote control dimming LED lighting to illustrate the approximate price of LED lighting on the market .

Lower prices single head is LED lighting price of a single head LED low luminance lighting irradiation, the size is small, the lighting power about 12 watts to 25 between the shoe size are 40cm to 50cm of In the meantime, the price fluctuates between 300 yuan and 400 yuan, which is a relatively small style. The most commonly used styles are two, one is a two-head style, the other is a four-head style. In the case of the same basic function, the four-head LED lighting fixture is more in size and lighting power than the two-head LED. The lighting fixtures are more than doubled, the price of the LED lighting at both ends is about 450 yuan, and the price of the four LED lighting fixtures is more than 900 yuan. The last type of LED lighting fixture is more suitable for large-scale household units. It is a six-head LED lighting fixture. It can't be compared with the power range of illumination intensity or illumination intensity. The price should be at least 1,300 yuan. Some invisible costs on the installation are not included. This is the approximate price of LED lighting on the market , and some design and functional effects will also be on the LED.Lighting fixtures cause certain effects and floats.

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