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What is the approximate price of LED lighting fixtures on the market?

In terms of price, the price difference between LED street lamps and traditional street lamps has the same place, that is, the price is divided according to the difference of wattage, which is very different in the comparison between high-power LED street lamps and conventional LED street lamps. Here I will use the approximate price of the market to explain the difference between the price of high-power LED street lamps and conventional LED street lamps.

For general LED street lights, because of the needs of work and temperature considerations, conventional LED street lights choose a combination of multiple power parallel combinations, while conventional LED street lights generally choose 12 watts, such an LED light. The price is about 50 yuan, generally used in row or row street light combination mode, the price ranges from 200 yuan to 400 yuan, of course, LED street lights still have the difference between warm light and white light. The price of warm white light is 10% higher than that of white light, and some places are the same selling price.

Compared with the price of conventional LED street lamps, the price of high-power LED street lamps is much higher, and the highest can reach 100 watts of power, but the usage rate of this power is still very low, I have different powers here. the LED lights will be described. Compared with the conventional LED street lamp of 12 watts , there is a strong competitive effect on the intensity of the light source. The minimum power is 36 watts, so the price of the power is about 150 yuan, and the power and price are also three times that of the conventional power. This price is still very stable. Relatively high points are also used in a large number of high-power LED street lights representing 80 watts of power, the price is about 280 yuan, there are some places where the sale price has reached more than 300 yuan, and the corresponding high-power LED street lights Also need to configure more advanced batteries and lines, the overall price difference is about one thousand yuan, which is the gap between the price of high-power LED street lights and conventional LED street lights.

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