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Street lamp prices are greatly affected by production technology

Whenever night falls, we don't feel the infinite darkness, but we will feel the beauty of the city in the colorful. This is actually the role of various street lights and various neon lights. They give the city a different color in the night, and many people feel the deep warmth. The development of a city will inevitably lead to such a situation, and when the city develops to a certain stage, the street lamp industry will be greatly affected. At present, the price of street lamps in the country is not very high. Part of the reason is that urban planning does not require so many street lamps. 
Although this is the case, the low price of street lamps is not entirely because the development of the city no longer requires a large number of street lights. The main reason is that the production technology of street lamps is now very mature, and manufacturers can produce street lamps on a large scale, so the price is naturally pulled down. This is most appropriate to explain the law of the value of goods. The total value of the goods has not changed, but the price of individual products must be reduced after the production is more. In fact, there are many products produced by the manufacturers. Not all street lamps are very low in price. Solar street lamps are the best counterexamples, but this is also because their production technology is not yet fully mature. 
In the final analysis, the low price of street lamps is mainly due to the improvement of production levels, which can be seen only from the situation of the industry. Nowadays, there are many kinds of street lamps that can be produced in the whole industry, such as LED street lamps, solar lamps, high pole lamps and so on. In addition, the improvement of production technology has also greatly improved the production capacity, and the price is low.
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