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High pole lamp high performance change lighting method specifically

We all know that Edison invented the light bulb, and since the light bulb has changed our world has undergone earth-shaking changes. When I was young, I liked to use such an example to illustrate the greatness of a scholar. Now the change of our lighting style is constantly improved and strengthened on the basis of predecessors. Edison may not have expected that we have used bulb variants of high pole lights, solar lights, LED lights, etc., and the changes they bring to our lives continue. Download us to briefly introduce the role of high pole lights in life, how it affects our lives. 
High pole lights, looking at such a name, everyone must know that it is suitable for use in the sky. In fact, the current high pole lights are generally used in factories, the length of the poles can be up to 15 meters or even longer. This kind of lamp is used for lighting in general factories. The reason is very simple. The factory does not use a large number of lamps, which will cause a safety accident. And the lamp of up to 15 meters will greatly reduce the possibility of a safety accident. Generally, the safety accident occurs because the light bulb is generated because the light bulb emits heat while emitting light. 15 meters from the ground is a good solution to the heat generated. hurt. However, on the other hand, it is far from the ground, and it is inevitable to increase the lighting power, which is another challenge for electricity. 
At present, the use of high pole lights is not very common, and such street lights are more common on both sides of roads in big cities. Generally, such lamps are very bright and much higher than ordinary street lamps. This change in lighting has also brought a lot of benefits to many friends, especially for friends living in the city, because it adds light to the night.
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