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In fact, the difference in lamp panel configuration can affect the price of solar street lamps.

In fact, the difference in lamp panel configuration can affect the price of solar street lamps.
According to our usual experience, we can know that any one thing, any thing, they will have many different types, there will be many different materials, there are many different production processes, so that they There will definitely be some differences between the prices. The same is true for the lights that we can't have in our lives now, because there are many different brands, there are many different kinds, there are many different manufacturers, there are many different sizes, which makes the price of solar street lamps between The difference is great. These are also very normal in our daily life. We all know that for the same type of things, there are various differences between them. There are many differences between prices. . 
For this type of lamp, their battery boards are very important and are a very important part of such lamps. Therefore, the difference between these boards makes the price of solar street lamps very different. Because different boards will have different brands, there are some different manufacturers, this is another aspect that has some influence on our lights, so the price of such lamps will be greatly affected by this kind of board. Some of the effects. 
Because the differences between the boards are also relatively large, they are affected by many factors, some of the materials between them are also different, and some of their production processes will be somewhat different, these many reasons This will make the price difference between the boards, which further makes the price of solar street lamps somewhat different.
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