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What is the price of configuring LED solar street lights?​

Solar street lights are very advanced and easy to use, but compared to traditional street lights, solar street lights have many different options for different requirements of the surrounding environment. This is of course convenient for the installation effect, but it also requires a solar street light. Good choice, different configuration, not only the effect is different, the price must be different.
Take a very common example of a multi-head solar street light. When buying and configuring solar street lights, the first thing to consider is nothing more than height. The height of a solar street light determines the range and level of illumination of the solar street light. For example, in some downtown areas, because the current store height is very high, especially in the large shopping malls in the central commercial street of developed cities, the door is very high, and the signboard can reach about 4 meters, which requires More than 4 meters of solar street lights, and in some places like street gardens, because there is no high reference object, the height of solar street lights is very suitable at about 3 meters, and in the same style, the two The gap is about 600 yuan, the price of solar street lights less than 3 meters is about 700 yuan, and the street lights more than 4 meters must be more than 1,300 yuan.
Another thing to consider is the base and the number of heads. This is a proportional option. Because the surrounding environment of different regions and places is different, the stability and illumination range of the street lamps are different, but the number of premise lamps is increased at the base. On a larger basis. The general solar street light has three bases, hexagonal four-leaf and round seat. The price of the three is about 600, 700 and 900 yuan, and then the price of each lamp post is about 200 yuan, which means that the cost of each additional lamp post is about It is about 200 yuan, and the three-head street lamp must be a practical round seat.
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