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I. supply commitment. 
Delivery and provision of services in strict accordance with the schedule prescribed by the buyer to ensure that the works are completed on schedule. 
Products paste labels, indicating "manufacturer, after-sales service phone, sales date" and other content, to facilitate users to contact our company in time. 
For the first time, 5% of the vulnerable parts are provided free of charge. 
At the time of supply, a certificate certifying that the goods comply with the provisions of the contract shall be issued at the same time. 
According to customer needs, cooperate with construction, guide installation, and even guide and train a group of personnel who can independently complete maintenance tasks for user units to ensure that the project is completed on time and quality. 
II. Quality commitment. 
The company is committed to all products from raw material procurement to the production process, in strict accordance with the contract requirements and national standards, to prevent the submission of substandard products. 
For the quality problems raised by customers, the company timely gives a reasonable explanation and rectification. 
Our company will pay compensation for the loss caused by the user due to the problem of product quality. 
III. After-sales commitment (during the warranty period). 
The company promises a lamp pole service life of not less than 20 years, other product warranty period of one year. 
Free maintenance during the warranty period except for man-made damage and irresistible factors of all failures and quality problems. 
Commitment to repair response time of 1 hour, and the company will arrive at the site as fast as possible. 
Maintenance to carry out continuous work until troubleshooting. 
Develop perfect customer files, carry out regular telephone visits, understand the use of products. 
IV. After-sales commitment (outside the warranty period). 
All products are given life-long maintenance, outside the warranty period of maintenance only material costs do not include labor costs. 
According to customer requirements, free of charge for its training for many maintenances, repair operators, to ensure the normal operation of the product. 
V. commitment to compensation. 
The company promises that in addition to man-made damage or force majeure, due to product quality problems and construction period problems caused by the loss of users by the company to pay compensation.

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