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LED street light manufacturers - let the heat is no longer a problem

With the rapid development of technology, electronic products are becoming more and more popular, and people are increasingly inseparable from them. For a simple example, for example, the mobile phone for each person is now an essential product. Every day, I look down at it, but there is also a problem that when I play, it will heat up. This is what every electronic product will have. So how to make the product cool quickly is something that every electronics manufacturer must consider and solve. The problem, and LED street lamp manufacturers have come to the forefront in this regard.

The lamps produced by traditional LED street lamp manufacturers focus on the light source, and their heat dissipation concerns are reduced, but in fact, the more uniform the illumination of the light source, the greater the resistance required, and the more heat generated. This is because if the heat is not dissipated in time, it may affect the service life of the lamp. With the increasingly strict requirements on the quality of street lamps, LED street lamp manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the issue of heat dissipation. There are three main ways to dissipate heat, namely, natural heat dissipation, fan cooling, and loop heat pipe cooling. Due to the use of the environment and the limitations of the natural environment, the street lamp heat dissipation generally uses natural heat dissipation. The street lamp channel produced by the new LED street lamp manufacturer has a plurality of heat dissipation channels for heat dissipation. Under natural conditions, the convective air can better carry away the heat emitted by the light source.

The street lamp manufacturer's street lamp heat dissipation problem is one of the important problems faced by every manufacturer. It not only affects the efficiency of the lamp, but also causes the lamp to age rapidly and the life is reduced. But this is also a problem, because street lights should also consider rain and dust, these measures also make heat dissipation more difficult, which is also a problem that every LED street lamp manufacturer needs to consider.

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