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The new lighting solar led road lights

Street lamps have gradually become a familiar landscape in our urban life. With the development of the lighting market, many new types of lamps have been created. Solar LED lamps are one of the typical representatives. It has a relationship with traditional lamps. Commonality and difference, today Xiaobian will introduce its characteristics to the vast number of consumer friends.

Solar led lights and traditional luminaires have the same structure. Their basic components are the same. The only difference is that the energy used to illuminate the luminaires is different. The traditional luminaires are illuminated by electric energy. The electric energy is converted into heat energy in the luminaire, thereby achieving the effect of illuminating. The solar luminaire uses solar energy, which converts it into heat energy by absorbing the energy of the sun, thereby achieving the effect of illumination, and successfully achieving the cost reduction of the luminaire. For the purpose, we all know that the use of street lamps requires a lot of electric energy, because the demand for street lamps is very large, and a street lamp needs to be used at every distance on a road, so the annual expenditure in this area is also very considerable. By enabling every street lamp to save some energy, the government's expenditure will be greatly reduced, and the savings in this area can be applied to other fields to drive China's economic development.

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