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What are the general principles of garden light selection?

When it comes to garden lights, we have more and more applications in some residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, plazas, etc. Its beauty, diversity, and decorative environment are very popular in the market. Out of a large number of European garden lights, modern garden lights, classical garden lights, then how to choose better products in a wide range of products? Today's professionals introduce us to some general purchasing principles.

First, choose a reasonable light distribution

 The function of the lighting place in our real life is different, the difference in the size of the space, so we must pay attention when choosing the light distribution of the lamp, in order to meet our needs, thus improving the efficacy of the lamp.

 Second, the selection of high efficiency lamps

 Today, there are many kinds of garden lights. When choosing, we must choose high-efficiency lamps. It is best to choose direct light or open lamps, which can better enhance the visual function lighting under glare.

 Third, choose to install more easily, maintenance costs of cultivated land

Garden lights We must pay attention to the convenience of installation when choosing, at the same time the convenience and cost-saving of maintenance, so that we can enjoy the more fun experience of garden lights.

Fourth, the safety of the lamps

The surface of the luminaire should be kept at a certain distance from some high-temperature combustible materials. It should have outstanding heat insulation and heat dissipation functions, and have effective fire protection measures to avoid more dangerous dangers caused by high temperature.

In addition to these, we must pay attention to the complete lighting parameters of the lighting fixtures when selecting the garden lights, in line with relevant industry standards, and the appearance should match the overall environment of our application site, and fully consider the requirements of the decoration, master These general purchasing principles allow us to enjoy better quality products.

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