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What are the design lights and landscapes ?

Now in the park, especially at night, you will see a lot of different landscape lights. In addition to the role of lighting, these lights have a decorative effect, so the design is more complicated. From now on, the landscape lights that people use can be divided into two types, one is the garden lamp and the other is the low-level lamp. These lamps are now growing more and more. What are the issues to be aware of when designing these luminaires? Let's take a look at it.

First, the garden lighting needs to pay attention to what

Nowadays, everyone uses the garden luminaires to achieve the spread by means of astigmatism, so you will see that the light from these garden luminaires is softer or brighter. Of course, there is also a disadvantage in the use of garden lamps. If the working time is long, the surface temperature will be too high. If there is no cooling protection for a long time, it may cause a short circuit.

Second, low-level lamps need to pay attention to what aspects

Everyone will still see a lot of low-level landscape lights. These lights appear on many roads more frequently, so people can tell everyone that they are turning or crossroads. However, the life of such lamps is shorter, which is also a problem that plagues many designers. From the current point of view, there is still no good solution, so the cost of using such a luminaire is relatively high.

From the above brief introduction, we can know that landscape lights are also divided into different types. If you want to engage in this industry or buy lamps in the future, you may want to go online to search for more relevant information.

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