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What are the common types of landscape lights ?

The landscape light is a decorative lighting that combines ornamental and lighting performance. In modern cities, landscape lights with artistic features add a color to the city and have been widely used.

First of all, landscape lights are commonly referred to as decorative lighting. As an indispensable part of the urban landscape construction, it has a variety of shapes and a wide variety of colors, artistic atmosphere. In addition to the high demands on self-viewing, it also emphasizes the coordination with the surrounding environment.

Secondly, there are many types, which can be roughly divided into street lights, foot lights, trails and garden lights, high pole lights, low turf lamps, projection lamps floods, small projection lamps , street lamp poles, landscape lights, lights. Piece lights, downlights, buried lights, wall lights, underwater lights, recessed lights, fiber optic lighting systems, solar lights, etc. Different styles of street lamps are used in different places and places, such as high-end residential quarters, commercial pedestrian streets, leisure plazas, public green spaces, parks and other landscapes.

Again, the design is also useful. For example, the shape of the column can give people a strong three-dimensional sense. Landscape lights of different shapes, colors and brightness were used for landscaping. In addition to highlighting other attractions, it has even become a different kind of scenery.

Based on the principle of creativity, after the environment and the rendering of the lights, the landscape lights have increasingly become the symbol of the city's personality and charm. Of course, at the same time, these creative landscape lights, as a kind of art, also improve people's taste and living standards in daily life.

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