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Solar Power of Mississippi
May 20, 2010

Solar Power of Mississippi History has been made. On May 20, 2010 the ground breaking for the Jackson housing authority, HUD housing project was established. Solar Power of Mississippi will provide 16 3k solar systems to power these units. This will be the first project of this kind in the U.S.

The mission is to remove urban blight like boarded up homes, deteriorating havens for unwelcomed guests, and replace them with better structures.

16 new homes, each one a 1600-square-foot sustainable, economical duplex with a yards.

The project will be the first solar-powered housing development in Mississippi, across the street from a park that was once an asphalt jungle.

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Devereaux Galloway
Solar Power of Mississippi

My company, Solar Power of Mississippi, supplies photovoltaic panels -- which convert sunlight into electricity -- to individuals, businesses and governments...+Press Release

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